LegoLand Theme Park - Winter Haven, Florida

        My family has frequented Florida ever since I was a baby for a variety of reasons.  We travel there at least once a year if not more so I almost feel as though I am no longer a tourist but a temporary resident.  I even had several friends live there throughout and after college.  So when we decided to take our yearly trip this year I decided it was time to start sharing all the exciting activities there are for people to do when they visit.

        A really unique place to visit if you are in the Orlando area is definitely LegoLand.  It truly is a world of imagination come to reality.  From the second you walk up to the entrance you begin to see life size and even bigger creations made completely from all Legos.

        I loved how each creation had an informational board which told us how many Legos it took to build as well as the length of time to put together start to finish.  My personal favorite part of the park was the Greenhouse of course!  I loved seeing all the things they grew as well as how they implemented the Lego characters into the "farms".

        Our favorite part of the entire park was Miniland USA.  "Miniland USA The heart of every LEGOLAND Park, Miniland USA is home to seven specially themed areas." They had every major city, monument, and area of the country created out of Legos in a mini replica.  This included the Daytona International Speedway, Florida (of course), Kennedy Space Center, Pirate Shores, California, New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and a specially featured area Lego Star Wars

        I have to say though it is a park very oddly geared towards different ago groups.  If you have a child between the ages of 5 and 8 then this is the perfect park for you.  The rides are geared towards children older than age 5 height wise. And the ones that the smaller kids can actually ride are very lame or so it seemed.

        I of course understand the reasons for certain height requirements.  However for the cost to enter as well as every other cost like souvenirs or food it doesn't seem worth the long drive outside of Orlando to Winter Haven unless you check that your children meet ALL of the height requirements in order to fully enjoy everything.

        Also attached to the LegoLand Park is their Water Park!  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us enough that day and the park was shut down so I cannot tell you too much about it.  Be sure this doesn't happen to you as we were unable to get a refund for the cost of the water park which we had added to our tickets.

        It offers a place to cool off in the hot Florida Summer and possibly catch some rays!  There is a wave pool, water slides, a lazy river where you can build your own rafts, and a toddler area with more of a splash pad atmosphere.  There are even cabana rentals if you just want to relax while the family plays!

Entry Cost: LEGOLAND Florida Tickets 1 Day - Pick-a-Date & Save up to $15 - Adults (13+) from $66/Children (3-12) from $59
2 Day - Pick-a- Date & Save up to $15 - Adults (13+) from $81/Children (3-12) from $74

LEGOLAND Florida + Water Park Combo Tickets 1 Day - Pick-a-Date & Save up to $15 - Adults (13+) from $81/Children (3-12) from $74
2 Day - Pick-a- Date & Save up to $15 - Adults (13+) from $96/Children (3-12) from $89
Parking: $14.00
Recommendation:  Being that it was about an hour drive from our resort to LegoLand as well as the costs associated with this one I would be very sure my children would enjoy the park before making the hike.  I definitely think it was a really col experience and we had quite a bit of fun!
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