Architec Products Five Minute Stackable Appetizer Maker Review and #Giveaway

        Because we entertain pretty much every weekend throughout the summer here.  We are always looking for new and creative ideas for meals, drinks, and games.  Also being that I used to work at a restaurant that provided catering I find myself being very meticulous about designs on plates and trays whether its for a group of strangers or myself.

        I was very happy when Architec Products asked me to review one of their Five Minute Stackable Appetizer Maker's.  This is a neat little gadget which evenly cuts long vegetables, cheeses, and more.  Even pictured on the website is a delicious looking pound cake combination!  I have been thinking of using my mother-in-law's ice cream sandwich recipe with it!

        Because there are evenly placed slots to make perfect slices throughout whatever it is you want to prepare.  This makes for an OCD persons dream!  There is an easy slide out or slide up tray that way your thicker items can be easily removed without mashing or destroying the shape.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $19.99 Five Minute Stackable Appetizer Maker
Recommendation:  I did think this was a great idea and makes preparation for these get togethers' that much faster.  However I will say I thought the price was a little high for something as simple as this.  Nice thing is it will last for a while and easy to clean.
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Giveaway:  Architec Products is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Five Minute Stackable Appetizer Maker of their own!
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  1. Sounds good! Looks very neat at the same time, very artistic :) Thanks for the review.

  2. It would be handy to have but at the price of $20, I would pass it by.

  3. This would be useful when I'm making musubis.

  4. How smart and practical!! I love gadgets like this.

  5. that looks interesting. Connor made "fake" sushi today at cooking class and this would of been fun for the kids to cut veggies, etc for the class. =D

  6. This is so awesome! I hate when I slice things and they get all bent out of shape.

  7. I could see my grandma using this - she is totally OCD about her appetizers!

  8. What a useful, fun product! I love it. :)

  9. cute product, and very easy to use when in a hurry for a potluck or home entertaining! I like the way your blog is set up, it is visually appealing, love the clouds background, and easy to find things.