Braces Then, Invisalign Now

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        So growing up I was fortunate to not have to get braces.  However, my dentist thought my upper jaw was too small for my mouth so I had a permanent retainer placed in the roof of my mouth to widen my jaw.  I had to go and get this tightened which hurt like a son of a gun and my mouth was sore for days each time.  I wished they had something better and more efficient than the piece of metal that was affixed to my teeth to correct this problem.  Originally, I was told I had perfect teeth after the treatment, then within the last ten years I have been told that I now have a slight overbite and should get braces to correct the problem.  I refused since I was planning a wedding at the time I was told and having a mouth full of braces wasn't my idea of my dream wedding picture.

        Recently I was at a new dentist and he advised me of the same thing, but as I am currently going through a divorce the cost of braces is not in my budget nor do I want the mouth full of metal while trying to rebuild my life with two young girls and potentially getting back into dating.  I think back to the years my brother had to wear braces and luckily for him my parents opted for him to have the pearl braces on his front teeth so that they would be invisible   The only problem he had was he couldn't drink dark pop (luckily it was the year of Clear Pepsi so he could still enjoy cola).  He had them on the majority of high school and thankfully it never held him back from being an outgoing person.

        I remember that we would come home from the orthodontist and we'd both be in pain because I would have my retainer changed and his braces would be tightened.  Looking back on these memories and the current issues that I am facing with my slight overbite I am glad that braces are not the only option anymore, Invisalign offers the same results but without having metal or pearl attached to your teeth.

        I recently had an opportunity to attend a Invisalign party with a bunch of other bloggers to learn more about this fairly new and wonderful product.  It was wonderful to hear from so many different people in the field and learn about a product that we knew of but not enough about.  One blogger's daughter had Invisalign and it worked wonders for her.  It was nice that she was able to share her story about the use of the product.  It was very interesting that a child was actually responsible for the invention of Invisalign because he wanted an alternative to having to wear braces.

        I was already familiar with Invisalign as an alternative option but never though it was ever going to be reasonable for me or my family.  Having two daughters who evidently will need to have orthodontic work, I am excited to learn about Invisalign Teen.  What makes Invisalign and Invisalign Teen so nice is that you can eat and drink when ever and what ever you want.  You just take Invisalign out of your mouth and enjoy your normal habits throughout the day.  Then when you are done, you put the tray back in your mouth and continue on with the rest of the day.  You wear each tray for a couple weeks and then switch to the next tray each making a small adjustment until you are at the last tray.  Since this is still fairly new I like that there is a website where you can find a orthodontist in your area who offers Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces.  Find your doctor here Doctor Locator.

        I will definitely be considering Invisalign to fix my overbite in the future and will be looking into Invisalign Teen for my daughters when they get to the age when they need to have braces.  It's already hard enough to grow up in this world as a girl, I don't want to have to add any unnecessary ridicule on my daughters that braces brought on to the kids I grew up with that had them.  With society becoming such a visual and superficial one anything I can do to help my children feel less of the cruelty of the world the better and by offering Invisalign as an alternative to braces to fix dental problems, I feel it's the least I can do.

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