Daytona Beach, FL 2008

        I have had the opportunity to go to Daytona Beach, Florida twice.  Once renting a house in Ormand-By-The-Sea about two blocks from the beach, eight years ago and once in a timeshare on the Daytona Strip about 5 years ago.

        I actually preferred renting a house better than staying in the timeshare.  There were many things that I did during both times in the area, besides laying beach side.  Not only is this home to Bike Week every year, but there are also many historical places right in the area.

        St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States is only about a half hour car ride away.  They have an amazing little log village where you can visit shops how they once were, watch silver smiths making jewelry, glass blowers creating wonderful vases and everything is for sale at excellent prices.  The restaurants are amazing.  With a view of the harbor and the ocean as a backdrop it is simply breathtaking.  Not to mention the different tours that you can book, horse and carriage, trolley, or even a boat tour.  This city has more to offer than can be done in a day or two.

        Another short drive from Daytona is New Smryna Beach, which has amazing shopping, where you can get one of a kind items, this is one of the places you can still drive your vehicles onto the beaches (except during turtle nesting time), and there is this amazing little restaurant called J.B.'s Fish Camp & Restaurant.  Both times I was in the area I have made a point to  visit this establishment, not only can your rent kayaks and go out into the river way having both dolphins jump over your kayak and manatee’s swimming under your kayak.  It is such an amazing experience to get that close to nature and see how massive the animals really are.  J.B.’s also has amazingly fresh crab and other seafood.  When you order a pound of crab legs, you get at least a pound and a half or more.  I can’t wait to plan my next trip to the area just to visit J.B.’s again.

        In Daytona, you have the strip of timeshares, restaurants, shops and of course the nightlife was so much fun.  They also have the Daytona Beach Board Walk, which is complete with a Ferris wheel, arcade, plenty of bars and restaurants.  Although there is much to do in Daytona Beach, I highly recommend going to the little off the beaten path restaurants that are located on the inland river ways for huge orders of sea food.  I am looking forward to going back to visit all these locations and more in the area.


  1. I wish FL wasn't so faraway! We live in Wa. We visited Pensacola last May and that was beautiful.

  2. I was in Daytona once - I would LOVE to go back again!! Thanks for the tips on the restaurants! :)

  3. Hm, maybe we'll take a staycation there. I LOVE crab and I'm a sucker for going to restaurants that I've seen reviewed somewhere :D